Monitoring operations on conveyors

Resolving disputes on mechanised sites

  • Visualisation of the different stages and zoom in on strategic points (injections, routing, ejections, etc.)
  • Camera mesh consistent with the structure of the mechanised chain
  • If an incident is reported, image evidence and solve problems in seconds
  • Search tool fully customisable to meet customer requirements (up to 40 search fields!), with monitoring reports available
  • Analysis of performance on mechanised sites: identification of bottlenecks, irregularities and anomalies
  • Preventive maintenance tool : helps to analyse and understand production stoppages, thereby facilitating the identification of areas for improvement and the prevention of further stoppages
  • Visual proof of oversized parcels Video tracking of parcel flows on conveyors enables oversized parcels to be visualised, making it easier to take proactive measures to prevent supply chain slowdowns and additional invoicing due to their specific handling. The export of visual data (photos/videos) provides visual evidence in the event of a dispute, which can be used to support customer claims.
  • Conveyor error detection The video tracking system simplifies the identification of anomalies in the parcel flow. The simplified visualization of the flow makes it possible to effectively detect parcels that have been removed or accidentally fallen off the conveyors.
  • Identifying the sources of disputes Video tracking: the video tracking solution plays a central role in identifying sources of disputes by ensuring that parcels placed on the conveyor are handled correctly. By visualising the processes at this stage of the flow, it is possible to detect any damage to the parcels as they travel along the conveyor belt.
  • Analyse conveyor performance With continuous monitoring of conveyor activities, the video tracking system identifies bottlenecks, irregularities and potential inefficiencies (throughput rates, cycle times and downtime, etc.).
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance tool The video tracking system is used to monitor the correct operation of conveyors, with the aim of preventing and avoiding costly production stoppages for the warehouse.
  • Analysis and understanding of production stoppages The video tracking system helps to analyse and understand the causes of production stoppages, facilitating an improvement initiative aimed at preventing conveyor stoppages from recurring.
The proof
the image

Reduction in disputes from 70 to 80%, smoother relations

Network of high-definition cameras

A mesh adapted to supervision needs for a precise view of flows

Search engine

Powerful and fully customisable; merging business data with images via an intuitive user interface

Continuous improvement tool

Identification of productivity levers, security loopholes and danger zones, helping to improve overall warehouse performance

Deploying the solution

Frequently asked questions conveyor tracking

Is it possible to recover an existing installation?

Yes, provided that the cameras in place have a level of detail and viewing angles compatible with the desired tracking solution. An audit of the existing solution will be carried out before any quotation is given.

Does the solution comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes, it is also possible to blur operators

Where are the images stored?

Images are backed up locally at our customers' premises, on dedicated servers.

How long are images saved for?

Images are generally stored for 30 days. Beyond this period, a specific request for authorisation must be sent to the CNIL.

How does integration with the customer's WMS/TMS work?

The system is flexible and allows data to be retrieved via file exchanges without any additional development on the client software side.

What are the network/IT security prerequisites?

We recommend the use of a dedicated computer network, in compliance with good security practices.

What does E-DENTIC's expertise cover?

→ Turnkey deployment: from needs analysis to site completion (including cabling if required)
→ End-to-end project management with a multidisciplinary team of experts
→ Post-deployment maintenance and user support with the support of manufacturers
→ Scalable solutions that complement other technologies

Our partners

They use video tracking

DHL naturally chose E-DENTIC, which offers a global traceability solution, from terminals to connected gestures, via video tracking. What's special about our project is that we've merged Beacons with video across our entire preparation process.
William ALBERT
Innovation Manager | DHL
E-DENTIC is an integral part of the ID Logistic innovation process. To improve the quality of our services, we have integrated Beacon technology. The advantages are greater reliability, improved ergonomics and ease of use.
Innovation Manager | ID Logistic
As a strategic partner, we were impressed by E-DENTIC's proactive approach to social and environmental responsibility. Their constant concern to reduce their carbon footprint and promote fair working conditions is proving to be a real strength for the future.
Nicolas LASSAL
Managing Director | Digilo GmbH

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