WiFi deployment expertise

WiFi deployment request

Professional and secure architectures

Over 20 years' expertise in the field, reliable solutions
and adapted to the constraints


Configuration of access points in the workshop and the possibility of assistance with cabling, followed by full acceptance of the installation


On-site or on-demand analysis of network quality (including spectrometric study) and proposals for optimising network coverage


Contract management
manufacturers and
user support

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Frequently asked questions about WiFi expertise

Full WiFi deployment expertise

Our wifi analysis includes an exhaustive study: signal strength, propagation, density map, path study, amplitude cascades. Taken together, these studies enable us to guarantee a reliable network for a warehouse.

On-site Wi-Fi testing

With reports and recommendations, we carry out tests to detect and resolve errors, ensuring that operations run smoothly.

Network architectures adapted to customer constraints

Each customer benefits from tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specific constraints of their warehouse.

Secure, professional Wi-Fi networks

Professional and secure, our networks offer peace of mind for your logistics activities

Access points configured

In the workshop, we configure the access points using a team of trained technicians.

E-DENTIC support and expertise

- Turnkey project support with equipment configured to customer specifications
- Case studies tailored to your needs, support in managing your project with a multidisciplinary team
- D+1 after-sales service hotline, included with on-site delivery, remote control, support from suppliers and manufacturers

Partner manufacturers and publishers


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After-sales service

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On-board video tracking, visualisation of flows on forklift trucks and resolution of picking disputes by E-DENTIC

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