Barcode terminals

Terminals, in all shapes and forms, are the basis for assured logistical traceability. E-DENTIC's expertise is available to advise you and provide you with the right equipment for your needs

Barcode terminals

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Turnkey support

Review of requirements, definition of ergonomics, workshop settings, maintenance and fleet management


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Financial flexibility

Possibility of leasing offers via partner finance organisations (36 / 48 / 60-month rolling offers)

Technological contributions

A range of complementary solutions to maximise the added value of your equipment

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Frequently asked questions

E-DENTIC, what expertise?

Over 20 years' experience in deploying radio frequency projects of all sizes (including multi-site and international projects)

What brands of equipment are deployed?

E-DENTIC is approved by many manufacturers and deploys multi-brand fleets (ZEBRA, HONEYWELL, UNITECH, etc.).

What is a turnkey deployment?

E-DENTIC assists each customer in identifying needs in the field, studying the ergonomics of workstations, choosing the most appropriate technological solution, configuring the equipment in the workshop and integrating it into the customer's IT environment.

What does E-DENTIC after-sales service include?

Remote user support, management of repairs and equipment life cycles in accordance with manufacturers' contracts, equipment exchanges and loans, steering committees

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After-sales service

Send your after-sales service requests by e-mail to the address below:

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On-board video tracking, visualisation of flows on forklift trucks and resolution of picking disputes by E-DENTIC

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